Exercise N Play Pet Series

Exercise N Play Pet Series

Our inspiration for the creation of products usually comes from user feedback and suggestions.

This series of product creations is inspired by a point that users have mentioned many times, That is, kids do not want to be the manipulators of the series, they want to be a character in a toy series, so we changed the way of making toys, we started to try to make some completely different types of toys from the usual tanks, battleships, pet dogs.

This Shiba-Inu building block set contains 1512 Pcs, which is very suitable for beginners and advanced building block lovers. Following the easy-to-understand splicing instructions for clear assembly, the build is super easy once the first few layers are done.

We also put a lot of effort into the details. Product details are as follows:

The production of this product has maintained our level as always, However, it is difficult for children under the age of 6 to complete a product of this specification independently and will need the help of parents. Of course, it can also be done with the help of grandparents. If you are looking for an excuse to spend time with your kids, then this will be perfect for you. But you need to pay attention to reading the instructions carefully to avoid being laughed at by your own children if you cannot complete the blocks. :)

Customer Review

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As I said before, all of our creative inspiration comes from the interaction between customers and us, so we are very eager to get the opportunity to interact with customers, If you have any suggestions or inspiration for the product, please feel free to get in touch with us through our official social media accounts, we will provide great rewards, not just money but something more memorable. :)