Exercise N Play Toy Series Part I

Exercise N Play Toy Series Part I

Exercise N Play sets are categorized according to various Set types, since its establishment, Exercise N Play has created the following popular series:



Exercise N Play City War Series

This series provide hours of thrilling military adventure fun with this ultimate aircraft carrier kit, which includes a large aircraft carrier and more than 8 army aircraft and ship models, such as a high-speed catamaran, drone, electronic warplane, cruiser, armed landing craft, military helicopter, carrier fighter and heavy amphibious tank to spark the imagination. As you can see from above, in addition to the navy, this series also has a variety of land combat vehicles, special forces and it brings you a full range of combat experience.



Exercise N Play City Ocean Series

City Ocean Exploration Ship Play Set – With the amazing City Ocean Exploration Ship and Ocean Exploration Submarine Building Set, kids can passionately take on the role of an explorer, exploring the ocean and venturing into the deep sea by piloting these ships, planes and submarines to create their own unique city ocean adventure. The ocean is a place that humans have not yet been able to fully explore. People spend generations exploring it. The driving force is curiosity, which is passed on from generation to generation. I hope that the children of the next generation can always remain curious about things. So, let’s start from a young age. :>



Besides the ocean, there is another place that humans have not yet fully explored, namely space. 

City space shuttle rocket toy play set – With the fantastic City Space Shuttle and Rocket toy play set, children can enthusiastically take on the role of an astronaut, explore space and land on Mars by piloting these spacecraft and creating their own unique City Space adventure. Kids can build a rocket, a space shuttle, a launch tower, a launch console, a transport cart and a satellite. There are also easy-to-follow instructions and colourful stickers. These building blocks meet children’s safety standards and are compatible with most branded City Space sets that can be assembled for creative play.