Exercise N Play Toy Series Part II

Exercise N Play Toy Series Part II

The previous article talked about several series about exploration in the city series, at today’s article I will introduce several essential departments in the city series. You just cannot maintain the stability of a city without them.



The fire station has 2 fire chutes, 2 garages and a parking apron to enable firefighters to act quickly. The fire station and firefighter’s quarters are equipped with various firefighting equipment to bring this firefighter building toy to life, so children can play creative firefighter hero role play for hours. This urban firefighter toy is perfect for boys and girls aged 6+ who love to invent their own adventures. Take part in this exciting firefighter adventure! Kids can become everyday firefighting heroes as they simulate fire drills with toy fire trucks, toy fire helicopters and more.



“Every city needs a policeman, and the main duty of the police is to protect the life of every citizen and to preserve the property of every citizen. For this, some policemen have even sacrificed their lives. So we should respect every policeman who selflessly serves the community.” The City Police Building Block Set contains 818 pieces to build a police station, escort vehicle, prison van, cruiser and much more! The creative city police toy is a great educational toy for hours of building and playing and stimulates children’s imagination and creativity.



Unlike ordinary city cops, SWAT is tasked with targeting super criminals that ordinary cops can not handle, and these super criminals all have their tricks and can cause big trouble. So SWAT’s weaponry will be more comprehensive, aiming to knock down super criminals in the shortest possible time. City Police Mobile Command Centre Lorry comes with artillery, radar, command room, rocket launcher, gaol cell and more cool cop features! Also includes: police station, helicopter, cruiser, missile vehicle, off-road police car, artillery car, patrol boat, frigate and accessories. Up to 11in length mobile command centre lorry to make the complete model even more immersive. Experience hours of exciting police fun for kids with this ultimate mobile police command centre.