Some basic knowledge about brick toys

Some basic knowledge about brick toys

Brick is one of the most valuable toys for every child in childhood! But brick has many series, how to choose a suitable brick for children must be a big problem for many parents.

Today I would like to solve parents’ problems, present our Brick’s toys and series in detail and give you some advice on choosing ENP toys.


Basic knowledge about Brick


Brick unit

The smallest unit of a brick is called a part or piece, and brick models consist of many particles. For each part, the dimensions in at least two directions must be an integral multiple of the unit size (there is also a special case of a half unit size). This unit size is 8 mm, also known as the brick unit. This dimensional module is the most important principle that brick modules must adhere to in order to ensure compatibility between all brick parts.

Large and small particles

In addition to the normal granules, there is also a special granule called Large Building Blocks, a range of toys specially designed for young children to prevent accidental swallowing. Their particle size is larger than that of the normal Lego particles.


Most of the brick models are in the form of sets, which refer to an overall brick product. Each set comes with a construction manual , which will give the construction process of each step, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to start with the particles after disassembling, and you can also contact me via our official page on Instagram, I’ll be there pretty much 24/7 :>


“My Own Creation” means to set up a scence, create your world with bricks, Usually, MOC players will add minifigures to create some scene stories.

Separate building set

In addition to being sold as a set, there is also a separate building set, which is a box full of basic particles in different colours. Parents can also use these loose building blocks to stimulate children’s imagination without being limited to the construction method in the instructions.

Next week I am gonna introduce some of our Best sellers to you guys, ciao!