To Motivate and Inspire your Kids

To Motivate and Inspire your Kids

Building blocks are the most typical constructive toys, and their impact on the physical and mental development of preschool children is huge, from basic sensory training to advanced social-emotional development, from basic motor skills training to advanced thinking ability development.

Since the kindergarten started construction games, we have felt the unique value of construction games from the development of children and the growth of teachers – it brings children cooperation, creativity, cognition, happiness and health. Among them, parents have given great support and help to the development of construction games, for example, leading children to collect waste materials, prepare corresponding picture materials and so on. But how to guide children in the development of family building games should be raised to another level.

The value of playing construction games

Through constructive games, children’s emotions of active inquiry, positive thinking, and willingness to communicate can be extended to five areas. The enhancement of language and hands-on operation ability of task awareness and cooperation awareness can not be ignored for the improvement of children’s overall quality.

Enhance interest in learning. We know that “interest is the driving force for all activities of a child”. For example: when the class is developing the theme of “Dalian Forest Zoo”, the children like to bring some books about animals to read, and they also learn how to find the required materials – online download, library search for books, newspapers, advertising, zoos Tour tickets, instructions, photos, etc. In this process, children feel that learning is a very happy thing.

Promote intellectual development. When playing games, children need to understand the properties of various materials, learn spatial relationships, and sometimes learn to recognize quantities, the relationship between the whole and parts, etc. when looking at pictures and imitating construction. , imagination, thinking development.

Promote the development of creativity. The child uses building blocks, plastic inserts, Lego and other materials to construct creative pictures. In the hands of the child, the car can be driven into the sea and can also fly to the sky; “The house I built can grow bigger in a while. , it will become smaller in a while, so that the children can live in my house.” Construction activities greatly promote the development of children’s creativity.

Improve cooperation and oral skills. In the construction game, children need to use their brains together, discuss how to play, what auxiliary materials are needed, etc. At this time, children need to communicate while playing, and tell everyone their thoughts in one sentence or paragraph, which inadvertently increases the chance for children to speak. It not only exercises the ability of communication and cooperation, but also improves the children’s oral expression ability.

How to Teach Your Child to Play Construction Games

The age of 3-6 is a critical period for children’s physical and mental development, a golden period for intellectual development, a foundational period for developing good behavior habits, and an enlightenment period for cultivating various artistic specialties. Therefore, we recommend that parents take more children to play construction games in the family.

Enrich and deepen children’s impression of objects and buildings. Children have a more detailed understanding of the objects and buildings in the surrounding living environment, and have a richer and deeper impression, which is the basis for developing construction games. In daily life, parents can explain the structure, characteristics, color and shape of various objects at any time, let children understand their structural materials and structural methods, and experience the beauty of various buildings. For example, the building is high-rise, the windows are symmetrical, and the roof is varied. Children have impressions, which can be reflected in construction activities.

We should provide venues and materials for young children to construct games, and encourage children to actively participate in games. The family should provide children with a construction space, and provide children with materials for construction games, which can be purchased construction toys, and use aids such as large and small cartons and paper cups to encourage children to actively participate in games.

How to choose the right construction toy

Nowadays, parents attach great importance to early education and are willing to spend money on education investment. They often buy books, learning aids, toys and other teaching aids for their children. We recommend that parents try to buy some construction toys for their children. Some parents may worry about what kind of construction toys to buy for their children. In fact, only one set of building blocks can meet the developmental needs of children of various ages.

90% of parents may not know that, in fact, building blocks can be ever-changing, and you can play as you want. Younger children can build high, or exercise hand-eye coordination by holding building blocks with both hands and knocking against each other. Older children can try to use building blocks to make various shapes – houses, castles, parking lots, zoos… and also You can add some daily necessities to enrich the construction objects, such as used paper rolls, milk cartons or paper cups, etc. It is even a good idea to add some characters or animals. In the process of building blocks, children must use basic skills such as tiling, building, stacking, dislocation, enclosing, and gathering. The acquisition of these basic skills not only requires children to have balance, coordination, sensitivity and other large muscle movement abilities, Children are also required to have fine motor skills such as holding, grasping, and poking their fingers. In addition, when the child is required to complete some imitative construction tasks, he must carefully observe the real object or model, which helps to develop attention and observation. Therefore, don’t underestimate the role of building blocks in children’s growth. The practicality, comprehensiveness, knowledge, differences and fun it reflects are in line with children’s development goals.

The construction games carried out by kindergartens and families does not depend on how proficient the child’s construction skills are or what works are constructed. It is not the fundamental purpose of education, but the way to achieve the goal. Through the construction of games, each child should discover their own abilities, so that children can experience joy in games and develop their abilities invisibly. Build the confidence to create boldly and fully express your potential creativity. This creative process will make children experience a lot of fun. Every child’s little creations can not only be respected by everyone, but also learn to respect others, arouse children’s beautiful emotions, and establish a sound personality, which will benefit children for life.

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