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Pop Star Music Bus

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Pieces: 712
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Pieces: 712

Drive with the POP Star on her Amazing Music Bus!

Slide the music bus open to put on a show on the rehearsal stage; throw a party in the outdoor area.
Maybe our music bus building set can show to kids and roughly show them how the pop stars work.

Kids can put it together all on their own and will be proud that they finish it all by themselves.

Customer Reviews

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Good Bricks!

Good Bricks! decent quality compares to the leading brand for half of the price.

So cute!

This little brick building set is actually not that little. It’s really cool and well-thought-out. The design is cute and fun and is not just for girls.

This is fairly easy to assemble and building brick toys always make a great gift.

Of course, I would say the assembly is mainly geared towards a 7/8 year old and up.

Apple Blossom
Overall good set with poorly made storage box

The pieces are clearly marked in baggies and the instructions for building are clear. Overall this is a cute set for a decent price compared to brand name sets and is great for an older elementary age kid to do with minimal help. However, as soon as I unwrapped the plastic from the storage box, I discovered one of the two clasps that is meant to hold the lid on was broken. It's a very flimsy piece and easy to see why it snapped, so I can't chalk it up to just an unfortunate packing casualty but something likely to be an issue over time for a lot of people based on the design. As a result the chances of over 1,000 building pieces ending up dumped all over the closet floor are greatly increased because the lid does not stay on without both locks engaged. Other than that, this is a nice toy for the price.

Granddaughter loved it

I got this for my granddaughter and gave it to her when we visited over Thanksgiving 2022. She really loved it. There were so many different pieces that it was confusing at first, but with the help of her father, they figured it out. The main reason for the four star rating (rather than five) is the way the various parts were packaged. There were bags with parts for the various aspects of the items that could be built. There are several items that can be assembled from the included parts. The problem arose because the bags that contained the various parts were merely numbered rather than numbered and identified as to which item they could be used to make. For instance, there were three or four bags that were merely marked as 1 and then three or four that were marked 2, etc. So it was working with her father that they were able to figure out which parts went to which construction set.
Still, she had a fun time putting the items together and then using some "people" from her Lego sets to make up stories about what was happening in the "house" and the "bus." All-in-all a fun and engrossing set.