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What are the benefits to children's growth of being exposed to building blocks?

What are the benefits to children's growth of being exposed to building blocks?

   Children are natural learners, but they don’t want to be forced to learn something that’s too difficult or too easy. In the process of "playing", children will be able to master knowledge more easily while exploring and experiencing their own world. I believe that through hands-on practice, children will have a sense of satisfaction and confidence. Even if they fail, they at least try. In this way, it will be easier for her to master book or extracurricular knowledge.


1.Problem-solving ability

  Learning with blocks also has many benefits for children in terms of problem solving, concentration, and attention to detail. While playing with LEGO bricks, they explore concepts of symmetry, balance, shape, and size. When children observe that a large piece can hold multiple smaller pieces, they can begin to try to assemble with fewer pieces.

  This brings us to creative thinking to solve problems - like a crumbling tower of blocks that is about to collapse at any moment, and thinking about how to save it. This requires children to concentrate when playing with building blocks and pay attention to assembly details, which cultivates children's ability to discover and solve problems.


  Children's personality can be observed from their daily behaviors and can also be presented through their works. Each lesson in the building block class is built with building blocks, giving children unlimited space for imagination, allowing them to use it freely and release their imagination.

  Building blocks can build a little man, a skyscraper, an elephant, a fish, a tiger, etc. How to make building blocks modular is not just about putting one building block on top of another. It requires a certain way of thinking. When building the same work, each child's way of expression is different, and each work is unique. Children's personality is released in the process of building blocks.

3.creativity and imagination

  Creativity is greatly enhanced when children use building blocks of various shapes, colors and sizes to build intricate designs, whether it's a police station or a spaceship heading to the moon. Creativity and imagination are fostered when children's behavior is unrestricted. There is no right or wrong in this case, so children can explore their creativity without fear of failure.

  Creativity and imagination increase as children build different designs using building blocks of various shapes, colors and sizes. Since there are no limits on what a child can do, the fear of failure is suppressed because it is a question of what you can do rather than what is right, and the same exploration mentality without fear of failure.


4.Exercise teamwork skills

  In cooperative block lessons, children must agree with their peers on what the building should be - is it a castle or a spaceship? Children must interact with each other and begin to understand each other's ideas about how to build and expand what they build.

  Children must also learn to negotiate roles and responsibilities to make their play more meaningful.

5.Sense of space

  By stacking blocks left and right, up and down, children will internalize the feeling of space during play. Parents help their children establish concepts of height, length, and size through the combination of building block sizes. Through the combination of colors, for example, parents place symmetrical figures during the process of building blocks, so that children can discover symmetry and build up their awareness of symmetry.

  Every time a child builds a figure, you can take a photo of the figure with the child, record the number of blocks used, and build the child's number sense at the same time. Sometimes you can also measure the length, height and height of shapes with your children to establish the basic concepts of length, area and volume. This unknowingly cultivates the child's sense of space, which will be of great help in learning painting, mathematical geometry, etc. in the future.

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